Uglow specializes in Active Lighting Gear (A.L.G. system) to maximize ones visibility and safety during nocturnal activities such as walking, running, working in high danger traffic areas or in dangerous underground settings.


Uglow Industry is targeted to maximize the safety of workers in all outdoor/underground fields of industry, such as: road traffic/road work, construction, airport runways, mines, railways etc.


BRINGING MORE SAFETY BY USING MODERN LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES. UGLOW HAS BEEN DEVELOPING ALG ( Active Lighting Gear), in order to increase worker’s and generally, people’s protection. This technology is the result of 4 years of R&D.

Active Lighting Technology

What is it ? simple phosporous particlules which become lit up by specific electrical fields applied with very specific frequency. That is the ALG principle, putting together passive reflective technologies with ALG , to deliver the ultimate safety products that keeps you visible under all circumstances

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