Cutting Edge Technology

Uglow Active Lighting Gear is the ultimate in high visibility safety systems, offering optimum safety in all nighttime and low visibility conditions, with or without surrounding light!

Once combined with regular passive lighting technology (reflecting strips), Active Lighting Gear becomes the ultimate in high visibility safety products!

Constant protection anytime without ambient lighting required is the technological breakthrough achieved by UGLOW

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Shock Absorbant

Our ALG formula allows our lights to absorb hammer shocks, and pressure until 1 tonne.

Water Resistant

The Active Lighting uses IP68 lighting technology which is fully integrated into the Thermo Polyurethane lamination of our garments. The lighting is resistant to water, such as rain for example. It is also resilient to water immersion, through washing.

High Visibility

The Active Lighting Technology is different from conventional lighting as it is an electronic type of light.  The wavelength of the lighting and its frequency are therefore sharper/stronger: one can be seen at a distance of 600 meters! Through its light spectrum of 550 nanometers, the Active Lighting Technology furthermore cuts through thick fog and misty rain.


The Active Lighting Technology can be bent and twisted without breaking.