U-Helmet Kit

The U-Helmet kit is a state-of-the-art lighting piece that fits almost every helmet on the market. It guarantees to bring you light wherever you go for 20 hours straight. Engineered with a built-in USB and waterproof battery, it is the ideal product for nocturnal conditions.


  • Flashing mode: 400 meters
  • Still mode: 400 meters


  • Phosphor by electrical stimulation
  • Lifespan: 6000 Hours at 800 hz
  • Operational Temp: -20C to +80C


  • 2x High capacity Lithium battery
  • Type: 500 mAh/ cell
    • Lithium / USB Plug for charger

Modes (2 modes)

  • Still
  • Speed flashing


  • Still (18 hours)
  • Speed flashing (24 hours)